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A Trusted Advisor

About Us

SaaS Direct is a technology-first solutions partner to over 15,000 customers who trust us with their financial technology needs. 


Leading QuickBooks Solution Provider

SaaS Direct is a leading, multi-award winning Intuit QuickBooks Solution Provider (QSP). 

As a QSP, SaaS Direct is in the privileged position to facilitate QuickBooks users, end-customers, and accounting and bookkeeping firms to get the best out of the Intuit QuickBooks product ecosystem and the marketplace.


Best-In-Class App Partner

With over 65+ technology partnerships with the best-in-class accounting and finance applications, SaaS Direct delivers value. 

We take our trust advisor role seriously, and our product and domain experts review applications and technology available in your industry, domain or function for efficiency, ease-of-use, robustness and support infrastructure. We do the leg work to save you time. Plus, our wholesale pricing contracts get value for your every dollar.


Global Reach, Local Experts

Get access to our extensive network of North American financial experts in GAAP and IFRS. 

Our products and solutions are perfected by ongoing feedback and inputs from our extensive network of accountants, bookkeepers, tax experts, and financial planners. We are able to extend our customers, access to these invaluable experts when they need them the most.


Top-Ranking Accounting Firms

SaaS Direct works with the top 4 through 20 national and regional accounting firms.

Along with hundreds of local fast-growing accounting and bookkeeping partners, SaaS Direct also works with the leading firms across the US and Canada, providing custom technology and data solutions. These relations help us build accelerators and frameworks that help SMB practices and end-customers gain efficiencies and predictable outcomes.