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Accounting and Finance

Get access to the leading accounting and financial experts in the US and Canada for your business needs.

SaaS Direct has an extensive network of partners with domain expertise and functional knowledge to support you with your financial management. As a SaaS Direct customer,  you have a VIP concierge service line to the top experts in your industry. Combined with our client service portal, your experts will be available on-demand giving you the confidence to take informed financial decisions with expert guidance.    

SaaS Implementations

The financial technology stack can seem daunting and confusing. Let our experts guide you through the process and deliver a complete solution.

The modern accounting application tech stack is not limited to a general ledger; it has various other apps that help streamline and power your business. SaaS Direct’s implementation team specializes in integrating and implementing various applications, including payment solutions, project costing, billing, invoicing, quotes and estimates, time tracking, inventory management, POS, and more. We offer demos and one-to-one training for you and your teams as required.

Talk to our Customer Success Team for custom application integrations or desktop implementation.

Our product engineers and conversion experts can often find or customize solutions that will work for your business workflow. If you have a specific need, talk to us and we can help.

Fractional CFO

SMBs need financial guidance and often struggle with access to the experts when they need them the most.

SaaS Direct works closely with pre-vetted, fractional CFO partners with extensive industry experience. These managed relationships, gives you peace of mind, while the experts work with you to build scalable financial plans. Our client services portal – Accountero, empowers you to visualize the complex financial data points in simplified charts, and graphs, helping you make informed decisions supported by your fractional CFO on-demand.

Technology Advisory

SaaS Direct offers tech-agnostic consultations that aims to streamline, automate and enhance workflows. 

Our tech-agnostic approach allows us to assess and recommend the best-in-class solutions, processes and workflows. Our objective is to help you optimize your expenses while maximizing productivity through smart technology applications. Our advisory services are further enhanced by our extensive technology partnerships, giving us access to accelerators, frameworks and implementation schemas for rapid deployment of applications.

A Partner to The Best Service Providers

Leading service providers rely on us to elevate the customer experience.


Reliable Support

SaaS Direct’s customer support has earned its star ratings through consistent, responsive and always-available services. 


Expert Resources

Our repository of resources is curated with inputs from industry veterans, technology leaders and financial experts.


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Our customers and partners rely on our exclusive value packages that are beyond competitive; it’s unbelievable.